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Adding a new intern

Last Updated: April 28, 2022

Author: Jordan Lerma

1. In the top bar locate + New

2. Click on Intern

Step 2 screenshot

3. Enter in the Name of the new intern

Step 3 screenshot

4. Paste in the intern’s bio into the next paragraph field

Step 4 screenshot

5. Upload the image by clicking select image

Step 5 screenshot

6. Fill in the year

Step 6 screenshot

7. Fill in the year-season

i.e. 2022 Spring
Step 7 screenshot

8. Click on main

Step 8 screenshot

9. Click on Add New Intern-Season

Select the same fields from these caregories
Step 9 screenshot

10. Select year

Step 10 screenshot

11. Check the appropriate office where the intern will be working

Step 11 screenshot

12. Click on publish

Step 12 screenshot

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