Providing Cameras for Fishermen to Support Photo-ID Efforts

Photographs taken by whale watching or sports fishing charter operators, passengers on sightseeing or sports fishing trips, and private individuals out boating have all contributed to helping understand the residency and movements of Hawaiian whales and dolphins. As part of an on-going effort to support citizen science and encourage more folks to get involved, we have received a grant from an anonymous donor to provide some camera systems on loan to interested fishermen. Photos of infrequently seen species such as beaked, fin, sei, killer, false killerpygmy killer, or dwarf sperm whales, and photos from any species from areas we don’t normally survey like the windward sides would also help us study how animals are moving among and around the islands.

We have created these videos to teach you the basics of using a camera to take the photos needed for identification and how to upload these photos to our long-term catalogs.

English – Introductory Camera Guide

Hawaiian Pidgin – Introductory Camera Guide

English – Download and Submission Guide

Check out this article in Hawaii Fishing News on this program.

Questions and Technical Assistance

If you have any questions please email Jordan Lerma at Jlerma “at” cascadiaresearch “dot” org.

For more information on the diversity of species of Hawai‘​i’s whales and dolphins check out our species pages.

Additional Camera Resources

Canon T7i / 800D Manual
Canon T7i In-depth Training Video
Quick Start Guide