The following is a partial list of collaborators, focusing on those involved in active or major projects. Some individuals are listed for one species or area but actively collaborate on several projects.

  • Masao Amano, University of Tokyo (short-finned pilot whales, Japan)
  • Simon Berrow, Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation (bottlenose dolphins, Ireland)
  • Fabrizio Borsani, ICRAM (long-finned pilot whales, Italy)
  • Susan Chivers, National Marine Fisheries Service (false killer whales, Hawaii)
  • Marilyn Dahlheim, National Marine Fisheries Service (killer whales, Alaska)
  • Larry Dill, Simon Fraser University (killer whales, British Columbia)
  • Jeff Foster, Ocean Futures (killer whales, Iceland)
  • Alexandre Gannier, Marineland, Antibe (rough-toothed dolphins, French Polynesia)
  • Annie Gorgone, National Marine Fisheries Service (bottlenose dolphins, Hawaii)
  • Bob Griffin, Mote Marine Laboratory (Atlantic spotted dolphins, Florida)
  • Tamara Guenther, Marine Mammal Research Group (harbour porpoise, British Columbia)
  • Brad Hanson, National Marine Fisheries Service (killer whales, Dall’s porpoise, Washington)
  • Rus Hoelzel, Durham University (killer whales, Washington)
  • Aleta Hohn, National Marine Fisheries Service (bottlenose dolphins, North Carolina)
  • Sascha Hooker, University of St. Andrews (bottlenose whales, Nova Scotia; humpback whales, Hawaii)
  • Allan Ligon, Hawaii Wildlife Fund (humpback whales, Hawaii)
  • Janet Mann, Georgetown University (killer whales, Washington)
  • Dan McSweeney, Wild Whale Research Foundation (short-finned pilot whales, beaked whales, Hawaii)
  • Jen Schorr, Ocean Futures (killer whales, Iceland)
  • Pam Stacey, University of Victoria (killer whales, British Columbia)
  • Peter Tyack, WHOI (long-finned pilot whales, Italy)
  • Daniel Webster, Wild Whale Research Foundation (rough-toothed dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, beaked whales, Hawaii)
  • Kristi West, University of Hawaii (rough-toothed dolphins, French Polynesia)
  • Hal Whitehead, Dalhousie University (killer whales, British Columbia)
  • Pam Willis, Simon Fraser University (porpoise hybrids, British Columbia)


Last Updated February 2004 by Robin W. Baird