CalCOFI March April 2008 cruise

Prepared by Dominique Camancho.

Update from March 31, 2008

This spring cruise has gotten off to a nice start with good species diversity and consistent sightings. Weather has been more variable with the beaufort ranging between 1 and 6 and swells maxing out at 8-10 feet.

While transiting between station 93/30 and 93/35 (see map on main CalCOFI page) we hit a hot spot of activity. Multiple species were sighted including two Minke whales, two groups of Risso’s dolphin, ~275-300 Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), and a smaller mixed sighting of Bottlenose and Common dolphins. Farther off shore we had our first Dall’s porpoise encounter at station 93/60, we’ve since sighted them between stations 90/90 and 90/60. During station 93/90 Pacific White-sided and Northern right whale dolphins surfed the waves and circled the ship and a northern fur seal stuck close by sunning itself.