Fall phase of tagless BRS project begins off Catalina Island

Fall 2017

Cascadia Research is working with SEA (Southall Environmental Associates, Inc), KELP Marine Research, NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the crew of the M/V Magician on the Fall Phase of the Tagless-BRS study. This study is integrating several platforms to look at the basic behavior and response of several dolphin species to noise. Cascadia personnel involved in this project are John Calambokidis, Kiirsten Flynn, Dave Anderson, James Fahlbusch, Rachel Wachtendonk, Jenn Tackaberry, and Lisa Hildebrand working from the Magician and Cascadia’s two RHIBs Musculus and Ziphid. The first week has included working with both common dolphin species and bottlenose dolphins. Please check out this page to read more about this study.