Kira Telford

Last May I graduated from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Biology with minors in Marine Science and Art. I was born and raised in Chicago but I’m excited to finally be living out in the PNW! I’ve always had a passion for science and research, and marine biology became an strong interest after I got my SCUBA certification at 12 years old. However, it wasn’t until a marine mammal class my junior year that I discovered my passion. Since then, I have done internships in the Keys at Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder as a research assistant, primarily studying bottlenose dolphin cognition and cooperation; and an internship in O Grove, Spain at the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute assisting with field surveys of wild cetacean population structures and dynamics, and data compilation. My goal is to begin my master’s program in the fall, followed by a PhD! I would love to stay in WA and study the cetaceans off the coast. My primary interest is in studying orcas (original, I know!) and to understand the anthropogenic effects on their ecosystem. My ultimate goal is to help educate communities and make conservation efforts to help protect our marine ecosystems. I am excited to be working here at Cascadia this winter to get more experience by assisting with the rough-toothed dolphin photo-ID catalog and to help with any strandings and necropsies. I look forward to extending my time with CRC this summer by continuing to study gray whale health!

Spring/Summer 2020, Winter 2020