Katie O’Dea

Katie is a senior at Washington State University, where she is pursuing a B.S. in Earth & Environmental Science, with a focus in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Sciences and a minor in Forestry. She is also secretary of the WSU Zoology club and a member of the WSU Wildlife Society. Despite growing up inland in Spokane, WA, Katie had a passion for marine mammals as young as six— her favorite movie was Free Willy and she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Since then, she developed a broader interest in ecology and spent time studying abroad in Thailand where she assisted in rescued elephant wound care, spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs, and gained open water SCUBA certification while learning the rudiments of reef conservation. It was this marine conservation course that reinvigorated her love for the ocean and made her decide to pursue it further. In her free time, Katie loves hiking, drawing, crocheting, and playing her violin. In the future, Katie hopes to pursue a graduate degree in marine biology and do everything she can to conserve the ocean and its creatures. She is honored and excited to learn more about marine mammals and enter the field of her dreams as an intern at CRC!

Spring/Summer 2021