Emilee Slaght

My name is Emilee and I am a senior finishing up on my BA/BS at The Evergreen State College here in Olympia. Originally from Illinois, all of my concentrations on marine science were limited to what I could find on the internet and watch on television. On the two family vacations to Florida when I was young, I was enthralled by the sea. My senior year of high school I was still undecided on what I would focus on in college. At the end of my final Upward Bound summer at Beloit College, I presented a talk on coral reef degradation in various regions around the globe — to which my Upward Bound advisor approached me and told me this was what I should devote my life to.I have been an upper division marine science student for about two years now, enjoying every last bit of work. I have worked on a variety of different research projects and gained skills in many components of the science field, as well as in scientific instrumentation. Primarily my focus is on the ecology and physiology of marine invertebrates on the Pacific coast and coral reef biology and conservation. I am very much interested in how the changes of climate will impact various marine species, and what sort of physiological changes may be demanded upon by those animals showing resilience to these implications. I have my sights set high on graduate school post undergrad and eventually want to go on to get a PhD.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Winter 2019