Adam Lache

I’m Adam and I am a recent graduate of the University of Michigan where I received a B.S. in ecology, evolution and biodiversity. Previously, I have done research on the effectiveness of targeting the LIN28 pathway in embryonal tumor with multilayered rosettes using DFMO as a chemotherapy. After listening to James Nestor’s TedTalk Deep Dive: What Are We Learning From the Language of Whales, I realized that I had a passion for marine mammal research and wanted to pursue that as a career. After finishing my research in pediatric oncology, I was fortunate enough to work on projects that studied parasite load in field mice that live in rural versus urban areas and the effect of pH on native and invasive Michigan crayfish. Currently, I am taking a gap year and applying to graduate programs in marine biology. Currently, I am working in the west coast office doing photo identification. Apart from marine science, I am a huge soccer and college football fan. When I am not applying to grad school you will likely find me cheering on Chelsea in the premier league or my Michigan Wolverines to a national title. Go Blue!

Fall 2022