Archived Announcements

BBC show The Whale Detective on January 8, 2020 highlights some of Cascadia’s work in California. (January 6, 2020)
Cascadia continues to investigate record numbers of strandings (June 26, 2019)
Cascadia and other Washington stranding network organizations continue to respond to growing number of dead gray whales. (May 10, 2019)
Cascadia’s long time researcher, Gretchen Steiger passes away (April 16, 2019)
John Calambokidis awarded Leadership in Conservation Award by the Washington Chapter of the Wildlife Society (February 28, 2019)
Climate Conversations: John Calambokidis to speak at Stream Team’s Climate Conversations at Olympia’s City Hall (February 15, 2019)
Talk on Hawai’i’s resident whales and dolphins at the Moloka’i Library(December 19  2018)
Channel Islands Maritime Museum Speaker Series – John Calambokidis to speak (August 15 2018)
John Calambokidis receives Environmental Protection Award (April 30 2018)
Entangled gray whale largely freed after unusual chain of events – Cascadia and SR3 (April 15 2018)
Welcome the Whales parade and festival – John Calambokidis talks on gray whales (April 14 2018)
Entangled dead gray whale found on WA coast examined by Cascadia (April 13 2018)
John Calambokidis joins California Ocean Alliance fundraiser (April 2018)
Update on current gray whale research – John Calambokidis at the Port Angeles Library (April 10 2018)
Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference presentations (April 6 2018)
Cascadia presents at Northwest Science Association annual meeting (March 28 2018)
Lāna‘i’s resident whales and dolphins: Presentation with Dr. Robin Baird (February 22 2018)
Giants of the Salish Sea presentation at Lacey Community Center (February 8 2018)
More gray whales risking their lives for shrimp cocktail – Halifax 2017 and Science magazine article (October 31 2017)
Article in The Point Reyes Light on whale ship strikes (August 31 2017)
Cascadia and others assist in rescue of stranded juvenile gray whale (August 19 2017)
Scripps Institute of Oceanography and Cascadia conduct acoustic research using archival tags (July 13 2017)
Golden Gate humpback whales tagged in research effort (July 31 2017)
Why Don’t Whales Get Out of the Way? – Hakai magazine article on ship strikes (July 27 2017)
Talk on Hawai’i’s whales and dolphins at Mokupāpapa, Hilo (June 28 2017)
Kona Science Cafe: Oasis in a Desert Sea with Robin Baird (June 19 2017)
New Giants of the Salish Sea – John Calambokidis presentation and “Big Mama” inflatable humpback whale replica (June 5 2017)
ID page on the NPS gray whale individuals – the “Sounders” (May 24 2017)
Cascadia comments on the Air Force planned weapons system evaluation program off Kaua’i (May 23 2017)
Photos from the Procession of the Species 2017 and past years (May 15 2017)
John Calambokidis talks whales at Science Cafe of Olympia – free event (May 9 2017)
Robin Baird talk and book signing at 2017 Hawaii Book and Music Festival Honolulu (May 6 2017)
Whale in vessel collision on 23 April 2017 identified (Apr 26 2017)
John Calambokidis talk on humpback and gray whales in the Salish Sea – The Whale Trail (Apr 20 2017)
Sea Talk – Dr. Robin W. Baird: The Lesser Known Whales and Dolphins of Hawaii (Apr 17 2017)
John Calambokidis presents results of impact of ship strikes and ship noise on blue whales at ONR annual review (Mar 20 2017)
In Search of Hawaii’s Mysterious False Killer Whales – Civil Beat article on our research team (Mar 17 2017)
Sound Waters University – John Calamabokidis Presentation (Feb 4 2017)
2017 Southern California Marine Mammal Workshop – John Calambokidis Keynote Speaker (Jan 28 2017)
​Orca Network Ways of Whales Workshop – John Calambokidis – New insights into the “Sounders” local gray whales
 (Jan 21 2017)
Friends of Skagit Beaches Lecture Series – The Whales are Coming! John Calambokidis (Jan 20 2017)
New book: The Lives of Hawai`i’s Dolphins and Whales by Robin W. Baird (Nov 2016)
Angela Szesciorka recipient of NOAA Nancy Foster Scholarship (30 June 2016)
New results on N Puget Sound gray whales see Cascadia’s Youtube channel for videos (1 April 2016)