Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference 2018

07-19-2021 17:07

Cascadia Research biologists will present at the 2018 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Seattle, WA on April 6th. John Calambokidis, David Anderson, Laurie Shuster, and Jessie Huggins will each present separately on topics related to the session title “Changes in marine mammal occurrence in the Salish Sea”. Titles and authors are listed below.

Common and Bottlenose Dolphins in the Salish Sea: Potential Indicators of a Changing Ecosystem
Authors: Laurie Shuster, David Anderson, Jessie Huggins, Annie Douglas, Nathan Harrison, Susan Berta, and John Calambokidis
Changes in harbor and Dall’s porpoise in Puget Sound, 1990s to present
Authors: Dave Anderson, Joe Evenson, Jessie Huggins, and John Calambokidis
Changes in strandings of cetaceans in Puget Sound/Salish Sea
Authors: Stephanie Norman, Jessie Huggins, Jennifer Olson, Dyanna Lambourn, Amanda Warlick, Joe Gaydos, and John Calambokidis
Occurrence, abundance, and trends in pinnipeds in the Salish Sea
Author: Steve Jeffries, Pat Gearin Dyanna Lambourn, and Bob DeLong
Return of the Giants of the Salish Sea: Increased occurrence of humpback and gray whales in inland waters
Authors: John Calambokidis, Kiirsten Flynn, Elana Dobson, Jessie Huggins