Return of humpbacks to the Salish Sea

07-19-2021 17:07

Kiirsten Flynn, research biologist with Cascadia Research will discuss the changes seen in humpback whale abundance and usage of the Salish Sea tonight at the Shelton, Washington Timberland Library.

Starting about 10 years ago, increasing numbers of humpback whales have appeared in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Puget Sound and other parts of the Salish Sea. In many ways this has represented a return, as humpbacks were common through the early 1900s until a whaling operation specifically targeted them. In this presentation, Kiirsten covers research on these increasing numbers of humpbacks and discusses new technology helping us to study the population dynamics of these whales along the coast.

Click here for more information about Cascadia’s research on these whales.

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