Cascadia Research Collective abstracts submitted to the 18th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, Quebec, October 2009

07-19-2021 17:07

With Cascadia staff as senior author:

Movements of satellite-tagged false killer whales around the main Hawaiian Islands: implications for management. Baird, R.W., G.S. Schorr, D.L. Webster, D.J. McSweeney, M.B. Hanson, and R.D. Andrews

The Costa Rica Dome as a winter feeding and breeding areas for North Pacific blue whales. Calambokidis, J, B. Mate, E. Oleson, L. Irvine, C. Hayslip, and A.B. Douglas

Cetacean occurrence in the Gulf of Alaska U. S. Navy training area and surrounding waters, April 2009. Douglas, A.B., B.K. Rone, A.N. Zerbini, A. Martinez, L.J. Morse, J. Calambokidis, and P.J. Clapham

Movements of Cuvier’s beaked whales in a region of frequent naval activity: Insights from sighting, photo-identification, and satellite tag data. Falcone, E.A., G.S. Schorr, A.B. Douglas, D.L. Webster, J. Calambokidis, J. Hildebrand, R.D. Andrews, M.B. Hanson, R.W. Baird, and D. Moretti

Who am I?: Detailed observations of a stranded Dall’s/harbor porpoise hybrid. Huggins, J.L., D.M. Lambourn, S.A. Raverty, W.A.Walker, J. Calambokidis, and C.S. Baker

Individual photo-identification of dwarf sperm whales off the island of Hawai‘i; evidence of site fidelity and a small population size. Mahaffy, S.D., R.W. Baird, D.J. McSweeney, D.L. Webster, and G.S. Schorr

Pit Stop: Annual use of northern Puget Sound, Washington State, for mid-migration feeding by a small group of California gray whales. Schlender, L., J. Calambokidis, and A. Klimek

Satellite tagging of melon-headed whales in Hawai‘i reveals widely dispersed movement patterns. Schorr, G.S., R.W. Baird, D.L. Webster, D.J. McSweeney, M.B. Hanson, J. Polovina, and R.D. Andrews

Physical and behavioral characteristics and genetic confirmation of live hybrid blue-fin whales in the eastern North Pacific. Steiger, G.H., J. Calambokidis, A.B. Douglas, E.A. Falcone, T.E. Chandler, C.S. Baker, and D. Steele

With Cascadia staff as co-authors

Melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) in Hawaiian waters: A look at population size and structure. Aschettino, J.M., R.W. Baird, D.L. Webster, G.S. Schorr, D.J. McSweeney, and J.L. Huggins

Humpback whale abundance in the North Pacific estimated by photographic capture-recapture with bias correction from simulation studies. Barlow, J., J. Calambokidis, E.A. Falcone, C.S. Baker, A.M. Burdin, P.J. Clapham, J.K.B. Ford, C.M. Gabrielle, R. LeDuc, D.K. Mattila, T.J. Quinn, L. Rojas-Bracho, Lorenzo, J.M. Straley, B.L. Taylor, J. Urban R., P. Wade, D. Weller, B. Witteveen, and M. Yamaguchi

Acoustic and visual surveys of odontocetes from 12 line-transect surveys off Southern California 2006-2008. Campbell, G.S., S.M. Kerosky, D.L. Camacho, A.M. Havron, M.S. Soldevilla, L.M. Munger, A.B. Douglas, J. Calambokidis, and J.A. Hildebrand

Population structure of pantropical spotted dolphins near the main Hawaiian Islands: Evidence of Multiple Genetic Stocks. Courbis, S., R.W. Baird, F. Cipriano, and D. Duffield

Research on humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) off Guatemala. Godoy-Aguila, P., C. Aguilera, J. Urbán, and J. Calambokidis

Faster lunges, larger gulps, and higher costs: Comparison of lunge feeding performance among blue, fin and humpback whales. Goldbogen, J. A., J. Calambokidis, D.A. Croll, J.T. Harvey, E.M. Oleson, J. Potvin, N.D. Pyenson, G. Schorr, and R.E. Shadwick

Relationship of the winter aggregations of humpback whales in the Mexican Pacific. González-Peral, U.A., J. Urbán R., S. Baker, J.K. Jacobsen, L. Medrano-González, D. Steel, F.A. Vázquez Z., E. Falcone and L. Rojas B.

Tissue response to remotely-deployed dorsal fin-mounted telemetry tags: An assessment from re-sightings of tagged Hawaiian odontocetes. Hanson, M.B., R.D. Andrews, G.S. Schorr, R.W. Baird, S. Raverty, D.L. Webster, and D.J. McSweeney

Reproductive timing of harbor porpoise in southeastern Alaska: a test of citizen science. Mathews, E.A., C.M. Gabriele, J.L. Neilson, B. Taylor, J.A. Karnik, J Calambokidis, and G.H. Steiger

Depth, orientation, and acoustics of sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) under natural and depredation foraging conditions in the Gulf of Alaska.  Mathias, D., A. Thode, J. Straley, J. Calambokidis, G.S. Schorr, and B. Burgess 

Blue whale habitat preference at the Costa Rica Dome. Matteson, R., B.R. Mate, and J. Calambokidis

Noise impact from large commercial vessels on blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus): Communication ranges and sound exposure levels in the Santa Barbara Channel. McKenna, M.F., E.M. Oleson, J. Calambokidis, S.M. Wiggins, and J.A. Hildebrand

Cetacean visual and acoustic surveys aboard CalCOFI cruises, 2004-2008. Munger, L.M., G.S. Campbell, S. Kerosky, M. Soldevilla, D Camacho, A Havron, A Douglas, J. Calambokidis, and J. Hildebrand

Distribution of mtDNA haplotypes in blue whale in the Southern Hemisphere and North Pacific. Sremba, A., B. Mate, J. Calambokidis, D. Steel, and C.S. Baker

Blue whale ship strikes off Southern California. Wilkin, S.M., M. Berman-Kowalewski, F.M.D. Gulland, J. Calambokidis, B.Mate, M. McKenna, P. Collins, S. Dover, D. Rotstein, J. St. Leger, N. Senyk, and J. Cordaro