Tag deployments off central California - May 2016

On 22 and 23 May 2016, Cascadia deployed six dart-attached archival tags on humpback and blue whales off the Bay area to examine whale diving behavior and movements and test a new medium duration acoustic tag design. These were also strategically deployed to gather information important for better understanding and addressing the impacts of ship strikes and entanglement. These deployments consisted of the following:


Map of some of the satellite hits on the humpback and blue whales tagged. Satellite based positions are not very accurate and GPS positions from tags

will provide more frequent and accurate positions once downloaded off recovered tags.


The first longer duration acoustic archival tag on a blue whale. This tag was on from 23 May to 2 June 2016.


Deployment of our medium duration archival GPS tag on a humpback whale on 23 May 2016 west of the Farallon Islands.


Two humpback whales that were with one of our tagged animals passing some crab pot gear off Half Moon Bay on 22 May 2016.


Tagged humpback whale off Half Moon Bay on 22 May 2016 feeding near crab gear.


Double trouble. A humpback whales showing scars from an injury caused by a boat propeller swims past crab gear off Half Moon Bay on 22 May 2016.